Style with Confidence- Fabulous, Classy, Elegant and pleasantly Edgy African clothing for the bold woman, the strong man and all children; These Contemporary African designs are uniquely Colorful and subtly depict royalty! The preceding statement partly embodies the designs manufactured under the Sally Torpey Brand. The brand features different clothing lines and accessories some of which can be found in parts of North America, Europe and Africa.



    The Oheemaa™ is part of the Salley Torpey Brand. The clothing line is an emerging African line that was first introduced at the Miami Fashion Week of 2013 in the pop- up boutique in the African pavilion with rich batiks and African inspired designs and then subsequently made further strides in the Miami Fashion Runway in 2014/2015. This clothing line later made a solid appearance in studio 450 New York Fashion Week also with a collection of Fabulous, Classy, Elegant and pleasantly edgy African clothing for the bold woman named BOLD ITALICS.

    JAK- The Gentile Giant Collection (JAK-TGGC)

    This line of collection are regal shirts designed in rich African fabric solely for men to define their masculinity, authority, strength, leadership but caring and gentle nature. The collection will be sold in Africa, North America and Europe. A portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to support the activities of the JAK Foundation.

    The collection includes but is not limited to:

    · Men’s occasional, office and casual wear

    · Men’s flying and necktie

    · Cuff links

    · Wallets

    · Shoes


    The above clothing line is powered by Sallet Fashion House. Established in 2010, Sallet Fashion House and Sallet Foundation operate a textile and garment Production Company. As a company, we have built the capacity to produce on a large scale to feed the North American, African and European markets. Our goals are to: (1) Industrialize apparel production in Africa, starting in Ghana. (2) Promote manufacturing; (3) Promote value addition to Ghana’s raw materials and (4) Provide employment and empower women and the youth in Ghana.


    Sally Esinam Torpey is the person and designer behind the Sally Torpey brand. She combines her rich sense of culture and heritage, along with inspiration from nature and the environment to produce simple, elegant, but sophisticated textiles and clothing for men, women and children.

    Sally has been a featured designer at the National Arts Center of Accra in the African Sustainable Eco-friendly show presented by Global Women Innovators and Inventors. Her international exposure includes participating in past editions of Miami Fashion Week, as well as independent shows during New York Fashion Week and other global fashion destinations.

    She is the only African Ambassador for the Fashion Business Association of America, where the Association has included her Company and Brand Oheemaa ™ on a B2B Platform to have access to apparel buyers globally, business strategy and development, technology in the fast-revolving fashion industry, marketing, and fashion retail. Additionally, her position as the African ambassador ensures her management team and workforce receive the training and knowledge needed to excel on the international fashion retail space and to grow their Oheemaa™ brand.

    Sally Esinam Torpey has been featured in the African press and is a recognized supporter of women’s empowerment both locally and on the global front. In 2010, Sally formed the Sallet Fashion House and the Sallet Foundation, supporting training for a sustainable and industrialized apparel development and production industry in Ghana. Supported by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, these organizations work to establish garment factories and training facilities that’ll create jobs for dressmakers and artisans.

    Prior to the establishment of Sallet Fashion House and the Sallet Foundation, Sally founded Sympathy International, an organization formed to educate teens and young women on the importance of female reproductive hygiene in 2003. She has collaborated with the Ghana Aids Commission to provide education and advocacy, care, and support on the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the entire Central Region of Ghana. Together, Sally’s organizations and the government are empowering women to build healthy and sustainable livelihoods and a strong nation of independent women entrepreneurs.

    Sally’s work has also been featured in the Afrika Post, a Washington DC newspaper, Ghana web, Caribbean magazines, the CCWC Creative Magazine Miami FL, and the African Dream LLC Washington DC and others.

    Sally views her fashion ambassadorship as an opportunity to be an Ambassador for all women in Africa and will help create jobs and empower women and youth economically.

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